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The Simpsons Duff Beer Finally Brews In Reality!

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The Duff Bear finally brews for real

Homer Simpsons? love affair with the fictional Duff Beer, which has been teasing the imagination of beer enthusiasts for more than a quarter of a century, finally gets a taste of the real thing as 21st Century Fox finally brews the beer brand, starting in Chile.

In a story released by the Wall Street Journal, the company has been consulting with a brewmaster to get the flavor just right, and plans subtle packaging the Simpsons Duff Beer with no obvious nods to the TV show?just an exact replica of the cartoon brew that will play like an inside joke for Simpsons superfans.

?I think there?s potential to have Duff everywhere in the world,? said Jeffrey Godsick, president of the media company?s consumer products division.

For years, brewers from Australia, Germany, Columbia and yes, Chile, have been coming up with their own versions of the Duff brew, much to the consternation of 21st Century Fox citing lapses in intellectual property rights. Aside from the beers, these breweries have also been using the Simpsons platform to market the bottles.

Duff Beer finally brews in reality, first in Chile

But why in Chile? It?s because the country has the most number of fake Duff beers being sold in the market. In fact, the lawyers of 21st Century Fox were in such a frenzy trying to control the contraband that they had to ask the help of Chilean police who seized the fake brand by the thousands.

And as the saying goes, ?if you can?t beat them, join them.?

?Once you see enough piracy, you are faced with two choices,? Mr. Godsick said. ?One is deciding to fight it, and the other is deciding to go out [into the market] with it.?

The romance around the Duff brand is a phenomenon all on its own. People seem to have been enamored by Homer?s obvious loyalty to the beer that its mascot, Duffman, has its own fan blog. In the show, a theme park dedicated to the brand, Duff Gardens, has also pushed further fantasy for the real thing.

Brew that devotion for 25 years, and you get yourself a captured market.

Not yet in the US

American fans shouldn?t rejoice just yet though. It will take probably another year before the bottles arrive in local stores.

For now, those who wish to discover ?the cause of, and solution to, all of life?s problems,? can do so by visiting the ?Simpsons? section of Universal?s theme parks in Orlando and Los Angeles.

And if you think you?re getting the same doozy content that Duff Beer is being portrayed in the show, think again. The beer is described as a premium lager, with hints of caramel aromatics.

Homer will be proud.

Keep Calm and Have A Duff Beer

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