The Sexy Brutale PS4 Full House Edition Headed North America In August

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Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works’ The Sexy Brutale is a fun and intense game that pushed players to come up with ways to determine the murderer. The game launched back in April this year but it looks like those in North America are set to get the physical version of the game with a few bonuses. The Sexy Brutale PS4 Full House Edition is headed North America next month and those who’ve enjoyed the game or missed out on it should consider getting the title.

A press release reveals that The Sexy Brutale PS4 Full House Edition is coming soon this Aug. 8 and will sell for $29.99. If players pre-order the game at GameStop as early as now, they can grab the game’s original soundtrack and a manual that houses complete character profiles and artworks. Those who don’t pre-order will just get the physical version of the game.

“In The Sexy Brutale Full House Edition, players will become immersed in the beautifully dark, yet humorous murder mystery taking place during the annual masked ball hosted by the casino mansion owner, Marquis. Players will take on the role of the elderly priest, “Lafcadio Boone,”’ says the game description.

In the game, players are going to be stuck in a loop in a gameplay concept the developers call as “Groundhog Day.” This feature forces players to spend hours and hours exploring a single day through several perspectives. This will help players determine the killer behind the murder mystery, which is the main goal of the game.

The game offers the players a ton of areas to explore, characters to meet and abilities to acquire. Though light and casual, the game offers up a massive replayability value for players as they can come across multiple scenarios in several playthroughs.

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