The Second Half Of 2014 Has Come! Here Are 5 Upcoming PS4 Games To Watch Out For

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5 upcoming PS4 games to watch out for – Destiny, DriveClub, Assasin’s Creed: Unity and more!

The first two quarters of 2014 have passed and the excitement from the recently concluded E3 2014 has also started to wane. For some, the thrill is yet to come as the gaming expo revealed more than enough upcoming PS4 games to keep them occupied for the remainder of the year.


Release Date:? July 8

The developer behind MouseCraft, Crunching Koalas, assures gamers that their newest title will combine the best of what Lemmings and Tetris has to offer. According to them, the game will feature a level editor and will both be a cross-buy and cross-save compatible game. This upcoming PS4 game will also be available for PS3 and PS Vita and will have players guide mice in their relentless pursuit of acquiring cheese by manipulating and stacking ?tetrominos? in order to level up.

The Last of Us Remastered

Release Date:? July 29

This new entry from The Last Of Us franchise will feature 1080p graphics, higher resolution characters, enhanced lighting and shadows, as well as several gameplay upgrades. In The Last Of Us Remastered, players need to survive an apocalypse. They will later find themselves in abandoned cities where they would have to eliminate other survivors to get a better chance at finding food and weapons to defend themselves.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Release Date: October 28

Assasin?s Creed: Unity is one of the most waited upcoming PS4 games in 2014. This historical, action-adventure title is published by Ubisoft and is developed by their Ubisoft Montreal arm. ?With a release date set on October 28, this game will also be offered to Microsoft?s Xbox One and Windows PC. So what?s in store for gamers? Assassin?s Creed: Unity will carry over a new combat system with fencing as its inspiration in addition to the new Phantom Blade, which utilizes the workings of a crossbow in order to shoot a silent, long-range projectile.



Release Date: September 9

Destiny is an RPG, first-person shooter game set in an ever-changing, open-world environment. The game is developed by Bungie, the same developers who brought us the celebrated Halo game series. With a budget of roughly $ 500 million, Destiny is predicted to be the video game industry?s next big thing. In the game, you will be hailed as the Guardian of the last city on Earth and will be able to wield incredible power.



Release Date: October 9

After numerous delays and accounts of post development, DriveClub has finally been announced to be released on October 9. This title is said to possess all the makings of a next-gen racing game. Aside from remarkable graphics, effects and lighting, DriveClub will also focus heavily on online gameplay letting users start up their own guilds with their own logos. This upcoming PS4 game promises to bring an immersive and authentic driving experience.



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