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The Scariest Games To Play This Halloween: Until Dawn, Five Nights At Freddy’s And More

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Want to have a fright fest with your friends this Halloween? Why not play these games for a change.

What is the best way to enjoy Halloween? Instead of the usual movie marathons with your buddies, why not trying doing a different take instead of just watching movies. Playing video games can be more engaging compared to watching, so it is the best way to scare your friends and yourself during the Halloween. So ready your treats and bring out your friends as we recommend some horror games for your fright fest.

Resident Evil HD

What makes it scarier is by playing the original Resident Evil game instead of the more action-oriented latest Resident Evils games like Resident Evil 4 and onwards. The classic Resident Evil game still has that classic survival feel with a much difficult control scheme from the classic consoles that will make you go panic in navigating around the area when hordes of zombies try to chase you. And if you want a more updated visuals, be sure to get the HD remaster version that is already available.

Silent Hill

If you want something harder to survive, try the first Silent Hill game. Sadly there won?t be any new Silent Hills to arrive soon, but the original game still has some scares even with the outdated visuals. Try playing this alone or in the dark and you might not last that long, especially with the static noise from the radio that can detect incoming creatures that might assault you.

Until Dawn

What makes this game special is that aside from being a scary game, its gameplay mechanics that lets you choose a path or decision is a great way to play with your friends. Imagine the confusion in picking a decision can cause you a game over or a fun way to tease your friends when choosing the wrong path.

Five Nights at Freddy?s

One of the scariest games for the past two years. A combination of fear and panic and the unexpected jump scares will make this one recommended game to play with friends. Watch your friends? reaction when they fail to complete the working shift in the game as the mascots come to life and chases you.

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