The Revenant Movie Release Date & Cast: New DiCaprio Movie Is Sexist? Film Maker Innaritu’s Movie Is Not For Women?

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Jeffrey Wells is of the opinion that Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu?s upcoming drama won?t appeal to female audiences on account of its raw and immersive qualities according dailymail.co.uk

After attending an early preview screening of the film which follows the revenge mission of a trapper left for dead during the old American west and is directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu, Wells sent out a tweet stating: ?Forget women seeing this,? as per theguardian.com

?The Revenant,? from Oscar-winning ?Birdman? director?Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu has visually immersive looks at the American frontier of the 1800s. He shows hard men and violent retribution, and strives to deliver eye-popping audience experiences. He thinks of it more as a wilderness adventure and points out that his film is set in the 1820s, before the so-called Old West period existed according to wsj.com

Mr. Innaritu engaged?Emmanuel Lubezki,?winner of the last two Oscars for cinematography (?Birdman? and ?Gravity?). His unique signature technique of having his camera float close to characters in long sequences makes even wild action scenes feel intimate. There is use of ultra-wide-screen lenses to get a nearly 180-degree field of vision and a new digital camera that shoots the equivalent of 65 millimeter film.

It was indeed quite challenging for director Alejandro Innaritu or DiCaprio who spoke of shooting in 30-below-temperatures (really?) which was a particular challenge for him as he is a “tropical man.” DiCaprio explained that the crew often had just 90 minutes a day to capture ?the beautiful, illustrious Chivo (aka Emmanuel Lubezki) light,? but spent many more hours outside rehearsing according to maxim.com

Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu says, ?We wanted to show the landscape and the magnitude of the attack, but always following somebody?s point of view. I want people to feel in the shoes of those guys.?

According to wsj.com, Leonardo DiCaprio?plays Hugh Glass, a real-life adventurer of the early 19th century In ?The Revenant?(The film is based loosely on ?The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge? by?Michael Punke,?a State Department official and history buff.) Glass?s wife has been killed. He and their son work for one of the fur-trapping companies that were among the first commercial enterprises heading westward. Tom Hardy?plays John Fitzgerald, a member of the company who doesn?t get along well with others. Fitzgerald ruthlessly leaves him behind after Glass is mortally wounded. But Glass isn?t finished??revenant? means someone who comes back.

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