The Reason Why the PlayStation 4 is Owning the Xbox One

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The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have both only come out last November, but so far, each has had its own discussion; it is truly baffling, however, to see that the PlayStation has more positive articles written about it than the Xbox One. That, and the fact that the Xbox One, while boasting graphical superiority and other more beneficial features than the Xbox One, seems to be lagging in sales ever since they came out. PS4 has continued strong, outselling the Xbox One by a large margin.

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It is funny that this should happen, since in some channels, Microsoft did have dominance over the PS3 last time we checked. The PlayStation 3 pretty much sputtered from the onset, but did manage to get back in the race on time. The Xbox 360, meanwhile, dominated from the onset, and people would remember that fact that before the PlayStation managed to chase after the Xbox, the Xbox was king. That luck, sadly, remains to be seen rubbing off on the Xbox One, which has suffered exponentially against the PlayStation 4 in sales.

Price may have been one of the greatest reasons for the Xbox One?s troubles. While it did lower its once-steep price in order to duke it out with the PlayStation 4, it did unbundle the Kinect from its package. While people would say that the Kinect is unwanted baggage anyway, taking it out of the box package still lowered the value for price of the Xbox One, and users felt they had a large portion of that value with the PlayStation 4 anyway, lacking peripherals aside. Another element may be the way that Sony had handled their marketing strategy.

Since Sony recognizes how big social media has become over the years, they have encouraged users to share their ideas through solicited feedbacks via social channels. Games will always be the main driver, but hearing out from the gamers every once and a while, and actually listening to them, may work to the console?s advantage.

It?s not all social media, though. Sony did spend more than Microsoft in regards with marketing. They made use of events like the E3 to both promote their console and further bury Microsoft?s embattled Xbox down to the muck. And with a wider range of markets, Sony enjoys an early lead over Microsoft. Microsoft is hopeful that once they?re able to sell over to these markets, they may take away some of the market shares that Sony is currently reaping.

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The moves that Xbox are currently doing earns them a 14% growth as compared to a 1% drop in Sony?s sales; a very alarming statistic, if viewed only on paper. In true figures, this is inconsequential. That 14% growth Microsoft?s Xbox enjoyed only puts them at around 71,311 units sold, while that 1% drop? Sony?s already sold 98, 450 units and both of these figures are measurements for only a week. So again, it is inconsequential.

Sure, the Xbox One managed to recover with the unbundling of the Kinect, but Sony has managed to gain the upper hand, and is still enjoying it. Even the Wii U joins the discussion with big sales thanks to the release of the 8th Mario Kart. So far, it remains to be seen how Xbox will do the catching up.

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