The Reason Behind Marvel’s Silence: Why They Didn’t Reveal Movie Titles

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This weekend, Marvel fans had been waiting for announcements from the Marvel movie machine, but were visibly let down. Out of already 8 films that were scheduled to come out, Marvel only revealed one of them, and that was Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The first film is currently set to come out tomorrow, and it is even touted to be bigger and better than Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Some fans were even waiting for news of even just Doctor Strange, or a Thor 3, or perhaps, a third Avengers film. But why the secrecy?

It?s just as simple as Marvel not knowing these movies, either. Its Marvel?s formula in movies which had been successes one way or another, and it works quite efficiently. Nick Fury?s appearance near the end of the first Iron Man was ?by accident?; so is the Tesseract?s appearance in the first Captain America movie, a move that paved the way for the introduction of Thanos. Marvel has quite taken this approach to comic book release on the silver screen, and it?s worked out for them thus far.

Perhaps another reason could be the way the movie industry works. There are a lot of things that could happen even before filming starts on the second or third trilogy of your film, and for this, you need a lot of things; the availability of budget, the commitment of your cast, and the success of the movie itself on movie day. Trilogies or four-film movies die because sometimes, the first or the second movie bombs out at the box office, or your lead actor suddenly re-commits to another project. All hope for your momentum is lost, and you are suddenly left with a whole lot of problems to deal with since you are committed to releasing the third movie.

?So far, so good? can be used to describe what?s been happening to Marvel as of late. While not all of their movies enjoyed box office success, none of these were bombs, and that keeps their target of releasing a movie on a specific date as a follow-up on track. One of their strengths has been their management of their schedule, and this is the one skill that has managed to get them the go ahead in the comic book film world.

It remains to be seen whether the studio will keep their word on these schedules and if they will follow-up the movies as planned, but so far, the dates remain fluid, pending the release of already revealed titles. Scheduling is key, so they say, and sometimes, it does work to their advantage. Like in the case of the release date for Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. Marvel went ahead and released a statement for a movie on that date, and DC called their bluff, releasing Dawn of Justice on that day. Surprise, surprise; untitled movie turned out to be Captain America 3, one film which was left hanging at the end of the second, and one that would no doubt be lined up on by fans loyal to the series.

Would this be the case even if DC decided to release their film on a later or earlier date? Marvel?s been doing well with the waiting game, so if you want to know what the new movies are and when they?re going to come out, you have to wait a long time; Marvel?s doing the waiting game, too.

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