The PS Vita Wake-Up Club: Sony’s Attempt to Get Gamers to Wake Up!

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Unless you?re old, waking up is a genuine displeasure. Every gamer is no stranger to long nights of grinding and questing and trashtalking. This is what makes waking up very terrible. After an all-nighter of pure action, one?s bed becomes the sexiest thing in life.

There’s nothing like 23 hours of sleep.

This is why Sony has created the Wake-Up Club.


We don’t really know why Sony chose to use an animal associated with falling asleep for an app that’s supposed to get you out of it

We will give you a few moments to register that. Yes, there is a club for people who like to wake up on the PS Vita. No, we aren?t kidding. We were just as surprised as you are. It provides an interesting spin on the terrible and grueling process of mustering enough willpower to lift oneself up from slumber; quite a noble effort in our opinion. TheBitBag has these things to say about it:


  1. Track your wake-up record ? We never knew you could keep a record of your wake-up statistics. How many minutes do you take to wake up? How many times have you overslept? How much saliva do you waste while sleeping? How fast do eye crusts form for you? What food do you eat the most while sleep-walking? The PS Vita will track your progress AND WILL EVEN GIVE YOU TROPHIES FOR IT.

    We are still trying to find the tracker for how many times you wet the bed. We’re sure they have something like that.

  2. Get cheered and cheer other people to wake up! ? This particular function makes the application so much win. An actual person who genuinely wants you to wake up is a lot more effective than an annoying alarm clock that you just have to shut down.
  3. It?s free on the Vita! ? Who doesn?t like free stuff? Who wouldn?t want to be part of a free club? This gives you no excuse not to give it a try.
  4. It?s the closest thing you?ll have to a real relationship ? Usually, waking someone up is the job of angry relatives and irritated spouses. Now, you have someone CHEERING you to wake up. That sounds like girlfriend material to us.


We admit that we had our doubts before installing this app. The sheep mascot didn?t seem to be a convincing factor. After giving it a shot, TheBitBag has found the value in encouraging and getting encouragement to wake up. We have to say it is very flattering. For the gamer who has trouble fighting bed temptations (which is very difficult), we suggest you give the Wake-Up Club a try. Just try not to give it too much doubt. An alarm clock decorated with sheep isn?t that a good indication. We suggest you look past it.

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