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The PS Vita Mystery Port: What Is It For?

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Just like a car, a proud PS Vita owner takes?their sweet, sweet time looking at?their loveable machine. We doubt they took time to read the full manual (who can read a manual when they have a Vita in front of them?). And in the middle of this full inspection, we are pretty sure owners would have noticed that extra flap beside the cartridge flap.

What accessories??

Upon opening said flap, one will find a strange-looking port that doesn?t seem to connect to any of the add-ons and accessories one has purchased for their Vita.

Thus begins TheBitBag?s quest to find out just what that particular port was meant for. We have scoured the magical land of kittens and memes to find out what the gaming world has to say about this mysterious opening.

Should one venture into the mysterious manual, it would indicate that port as an ?accessory terminal?. We have searched various websites for accessories that would fit into such a port and none of them seem to make the cut.

Online forums mostly pointed toward the TV-Out capacities of the console. Wishes for an HDMI cable interface abound and sighs of disappointment at the time it took for the manufacturers to come out with something useful for this mystery port. Forums like this and that have all pondered on this outlet. Most intelligent guesses were made about cables that allow the use of the Vita in conjunction with an HD TV. TheBitBag thinks this might not be the best way to appreciate the device due to it already having an awesome OLED screen.

In our humble opinion, a TV out function will only drain more battery juice from the already limited battery life of a fully charged Vita. Plugging it in while playing will only do the battery more harm than it does good. One would need to get a Power Grip to truly make this a worth-while investment.

It seems that Sony has yet to grace us with a useable device for this PS Vita mystery port. We here at TheBitBag do not worry though. There are a lot of other awesome things we can do on this bad girl, as it is already. An extra cable or accessory for this mysterious port would only seem like icing to the cake for?our gamer cravings. We already have a wonderful list of games, as well as already-useable accessories to help make playing with a Vita more than satisfying.


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