The Possible Future of Apple MacBooks with Solar Panels

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The future of the Apple MacBooks look more sunny than ever with Apple?s approved patent for a solar ? powered dual ? sided laptop display. The use of solar panels have been widespread since it was discovered and introduced. They are mostly being used by companies and in poor communities. With Apple?s newest energy source for its products, this will surely make charging easier.

Patent Approved

The solar panels shall be housed within the back lid of the laptop. This feature has been patent ? approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office as an electronic device display module patent. It describes the laptop housing a Retina or LED display in front of the lid like you would see on all MacBooks.

The MacBook?s back lid, on the other hand, will have photovoltaic cells or more known as solar panels. These panels shall sit under a smart glass or electrochromic glass in order to control the amount of light that goes through.

Solar ? Powered Charger

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The smart glass on the rear portion can also house the logo and/or other gadget information on its different layers. These details will be lit up using the power gathered from the solar panels. This new source of energy can also be used to recharge the battery of the laptops. The solar panels can also power the touch sensors located on the rear part of the laptop.

However, like all patents, there is a possibility that these innovative ideas may never come to life. Consumers should know that this is not the first time that the Mac maker applied for a patent on its solar ? powered devices.

Apple?s Other Patents

According to the list of patents published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has already received 31 granted patents. This includes the swappable lenses of the iPhone camera. The company has patented a lot of things in the past that consumers were not able to see.

Out of this pile of patented design features, the smartphone maker can also add a magnetic mounting point ring for the additional external lenses. This ring allows consumers to attach three swappable camera lenses on the pinwheel. By adding desired accessories, consumers will enjoy more flexible camera options.


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