The Pokemon Google Maps Challenge: Whatever happened to the 151st Pokemon?

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It was part of an ambitious plan to actually give people the chance to become what they’ve always wanted in real life: be Pokemon Masters, the one that catches them all.

Well, not all people, but you do get my drift. It was April Fools’ of 2014, and everyone was preparing for the biggest prank they could ever give to others. However, Google thought of the biggest one ever, but up to now, people who participated in it is still doubtful if it’s a prank, or if it was actually a treat. Those people who checked out their Google maps received a very unexpected treat.

There were other icons on the map, but it was all very sketchy: those icons were Pokemon, it seemed, and what business do they have on Google maps? Then everything became clear: Google was searching for Pokemon Masters, and all they had to do was to catch those Pokemon found on the map. All 151 of them.

There were Pokemon in the most unusual of places, and some of them had others thinking: what if all these were real? What if, say, something really popped out? That would’ve been something to see, they said. And so, the April Fools’ went on rolling.

A Surprise for the Top Pokemon Master

It wasn’t entirely possible to have caught all those Pokemon in Google Maps. For one, some Pokemon were available in some places, and most places didn’t have access to specific Pokemon. However, for the one ‘Pokemon Master’ who managed to capture all those Pokemon, Google apparently had a prize.

In a tweet that they posted just days after the April Fools’ day prank they did, they had something to say. While they weren’t hiring any more ‘Pokemon Masters’ than they already had, they were ready to receive reports of where the Pokemon Masters had caught the 150th or the 151st Pokemon. And for the lucky someone that managed to snag that specific Pokemon, Google had something. Speculations abound that it was all about a special, customized ID tag or a gift of some sort, but there was a link that the lucky ones received.

So far, no actual image of the special prize had since appeared. And Google had just ended the prank within days of initiating it. What will they receive? An actual Poke-ball? A trainer card with their team on it? Or would it be a Pokemon, one that they’ve 3D printed to life? No one knows. The most we can hope to know is that, for just some time, we’ve actually become Pokemon trainers with the quest to become the “very best, like no one ever was.”

Where in the World is 151?

There was the elusive number 151 that you had to catch. That one was Mew, which was the stuff of legend, even when it was being searched for in the original game.

So where exactly was Mew?

Catching Mew was pretty complex, and as of now, no one knows exactly how to catch it. So far, the only confirmed method of catching him was to catch all 150 Pokemon, and eventually, Mew will appear.?Its location isn’t also pretty standard; once you’ve completed all 150 Pokemon, Mew will appear in a random location, and will stay there until it is caught. You also have to zoom to around the 2000ft/1km range to see or capture it.

That’s it, of course, for this year’s latest Pokemon-related caper. If we’re to experience something like this in the near future, remains to be seen.


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