The OtterBox for iPhone™ 3G Defender Series™ Review

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So it has been a few weeks since CES 2009 and I have had a chance to really use the OtterBox iPhone 3G Defender Case for about a month now.  I said at CES when I saw this accessory that I think this is the best iPhone case I have seen, it had the potential to be everything I was looking for when it comes to protecting my device. With the good people at OtterBox willing to let us review this item I put it through the test.

The features of this product are numerous, it features several layers of protection for your phone. The case comes in three parts.

There are two halves of strong plastic that you insert your iPhone into and snap them together forming a plastic shell around the device.  Then a Silicone cover that you pull over this shell to incase the entire device.

The plastic shell has areas for all your ports cut out, speakers, mic, iphone usb port, headphones, camera, lighting sensors, earphone, vibration switch, and volume control.

The earphone speaker, mic, and lower speaker underneath the phone all have a layer of protective fabric built in the device to prevent dirt dust from getting in to those areas.

The touchscreen, camera, and light sensors are protected with a layer of clear plastic.  Built in screen protection!  It also includes a very nice belt clip that holds the device to your body very well.

The rubber silicone shell has port covers that fit into the inner plastic shell to seal all the open ports, headphone, usb charge/sync port, and vibration switch.

Dropping this phone in this case is a non-issue.  The phone took a good slam on the concrete outside my house and the case and phone were no worse for wear.  Also I don’t feel I would worry to much about using this phone in a light rain it is protected that well. I feared that the fabric over the speakers would cause the phone to not ring as loudly but this is not the case at all I cant tell the difference.

The OtterBox does add a great deal of width to the phone and weight, but I like knowing my investment is protected especially since AT&T offers no warranty or accidental damage protection for iPhones.  And I have dropped and ruined phones in the past.

I have a real fear of using belt clips with any of my devices.  I have lost devices in the past when they have fallen from my belt clip without my knowledge, so as excited as I was about the case I had no plans of ever using the belt clip.  Well that all changed after I decided to give it a try, this thing really holds on to your phone, I use the belt clip daily now.

The price is a bit steep for this accessory in my opinion, but I think it is worth the $50.00 USD if you really want to know your iPhone is in good hands.

We also had the chance to take a look at the Otterbox iPhone Defender 1st Gen Case.  And I can say it has the same build quality and features as the 3g version.

I give this product a HUGE Two Thumbs up, it has become part of my iPhone and I will be looking to OtterBox when the next Gen iPhone is released for my needs.  For those of you that dont have an iPhone but still want this type of protection for your other phones they do those as well.

Check out there website.

Watch me on Unwrapped while I Unwrap the 1st Gen Defender case and you will know what I am talking about:

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