The Originals Season 4 Spoilers: Who is the Voodoo Child?

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The Originals Season 4 Spoilers

Fans are probably already cancelling their appointments for the upcoming premiere of The Originals.?If you?re into vampires and werewolves, or anything that?s related to dark magic; then you must?ve loved The Originals. And now that the show is running on its 4th season, it just keeps getting better and better. In the latest The Originals Season 4 spoilers, it looks like voodoo will be the central theme.

Viewers need not to worry about their favorite vampire/werewolf show getting dull as every season goes by. Especially now that the producers of The Originals promised the fans that they will be witnessing the best season of the show in the 4th season.

Now who wants some good ol? spoilers to feed their impatient souls?

The Originals Season 4?Spoilers

You?ve probably heard of the word voodoo before. And you’ve got to admit, it gives you chills just hearing about it.

According to GameNGuide the latest installment of The Originals will be featuring voodoo; and some other types of witchcraft. The creators haven?t released any statement about how they will be using voodoo in their episodes. But?fans are assured that this will be an interesting season.

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Previous reports also stated that voodoo is fit to support the present status of Niklaus Mikaelson (played by Joseph Morgan) in the show. Even more, it will be the center of the topic in one of the show?s episode.

There?s also a rising speculation that a betrayal will happen in one of The Original Season 4?s episodes.

Who is the Voodoo Child?

Additionally, The Originals Season 4?Episode 12 title?will be called ?Voodoo Child.? With this, a lot of speculations arise that the 12th episode will focus on Hope?s possible innate dark magic.

The Originals Season 4 Spoilers

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People are also guessing that Hope might just be the ?Voodoo Child? mentioned in the episode?s title. Rumors also state that Hope being the ?Voodoo Child? might just be Klaus? way of freeing humanity.

The hype is REAL. And the premiere date is still a couple of months away. Any thoughts about the upcoming The Original Season 4??

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