The Number of Twitter’s Active Users is Declining Quickly

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The year-over-year growth of?Twitter’s monthly active users is declining very quickly, both in the U.S and worldwide.

Within the past three years, Twitter grew internationally by more than 140%. It was one of the biggest social platforms to start on a grand entrance. It became very popular to people of all ages and status, most especially to celebrities and influential people and their loyal fans.The?social networking site flooded the internet, television and even advertisements with the use of hashtags.

However, as of Q4 2013, the growth rate is now under 40%, despite reaching 241 million monthly active users. Even if that number is huge enough, believe it or not,?four out of five Americans with Internet connections still do not use it regularly.

eMarketer, a reserch firm,?recently projected?that Twitter’s growth will slow down over the next few years to come. The social platform must work harder to maintain its success and popularity. A problem that experts see here is one of a generational kind. They said that?for the people and generation who grew up texting, Twitter is no problem. They can easily adapt to the site’s limit of 140 characters per tweet. But for older people, the constraint conflicts with their “natural mode of communication,” Dhiraj Murthy, a professor of sociology at the University of London said. He further added that relationships on?Twitter are very different from those on Facebook and LinkedIn, two of its many competitors. Twitter connections tend to be acquaintances, humorous strangers and celebrities while Facebook is for family members and close friends.?”You obviously may not know everyone on Facebook very well, but overall you tend to have stronger relationships there than with the people you follow on Twitter,” Murthy said.


When compared to Facebook, Twitter is struggling with its growth and numbers. More than half the U.S. online population is connected to Facebook and incredibly, Facebook’s population is five times bigger than the number of worldwide users of Twitter.


While some remain loyal to the social networking site, Twitter needs to rev up its advertising techniques, technical tools and promotional features to attract more users.

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