The Nokia X: Should you give it one last chance? How about No.

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The Nokia X may come down in history as the last phones that ever carry the Nokia brand. The company has indeed come a long way from its wildly successful line of 90?s devices to its current line of odd, square smartphones that can?t seem to decide whether they?re Android wearing Windows or Windows wearing Android.

Nonetheless, the Nokia X is one of the brand?s only Android phones. It comes at a competitive price for the low to mid range market and can be tempting to people who want to grab a second phone or their first smartphone from a trusted brand.

So what do we think of the Nokia X? Let?s take a look at the lowdown on the specs:

  • Build

One thing that Nokia is known for is how sturdy they build their phones. The X is no exception as it can take more than the usual damage that destroys the most popular smartphones. The phone feels sturdy and good in your hands. The only physical buttons are the lock, back button and volume buttons.

  • Design

I?d call this phone uninspired, if anything at all. Even if the size is great for a person?s hand, the abrupt corners and thickness leaves a lot to be desired especially in the face of pretty phones like the Galaxy series and the HTC One Mini. The only color I could see that went great with the design was the green back, and that?s it.

  • Display

The Nokia X has a 480×800 display and the abysmal numbers reflect the shortcomings of a small screen with such a low resolution. The colors it uses on its tiles do pop and are quite trendy.

  • UI

Here?s where things get tricky. The Nokia X technically uses something along the lines of Android 4.1 that has something like the Windows tile view slapped on top of it. You only have two screens, the Fastlane and the app screen. We can say that the Fastlane is the best and only feature of the UI we like since all your recently-opened apps are right there and it?s actually quite convenient. Take note, however, that there is no way to quickly close apps and go to your Wifi and Bluetooth settings with minimal taps.

  • Apps and services

Again, Nokia X goes downhill. The device doesn?t have a Google Play Store since the company didn?t register their device with Google. What you have instead is the Nokia store which has a fair number of popular apps but nothing like Google or even Amazon.

  • Battery

Despite its sturdy build, the battery cover pops out and you can replace the power unit easily. It only packs 1500mAH though, but the smartphone can last one and a half days on its own power.

  • Camera

There?s this afterthought of a camera on the back (a measly 3 MP) that takes grainy pictures. Don?t hold your breath on captured memories with this phone.

  • Dual Sim and card slot

You can expand the memory for media and music since the device has a micro SD card slot. For some people who prefer having two phone lines on one device, you can leave two SIM cards on standby with this phone.


So should you give the Nokia X one last chance? If it?s a second phone, I say yes; your main phone usually has everything you need. But the last phone to come out of the brand before it was swallowed up by Microsoft is lacklustre and uninspiring, even if it is sturdy and simpler than other phones. As a smartphone, it seems like one last hurrah for a company that was unable to keep up.

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