The Nintendo 2DS is on Sale for $99!

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Have you ever wanted to plunge into what Nintendo has to offer, but thought the prices were a bit too much for the cost? Now you have the chance to get a Nintendo device at a discounted cost as Nintendo has just announced that the Nintendo 2DS is on sale at Target for $99 from now until Saturday, May 17, 2014. The announcement was made by Nintendo of America via their twitter account.

The gaming handheld has a regular price of $129.99, making for a 24 percent price drop. There?s a caveat though, this offer by Target only applies to 2 standalone models of the Nintendo 2DS that are available in North America. These models come in two colors namely: Electric Blue and Crimson Red and both of these devices will be sporting black backs.

Checking out the Target website, both devices aren?t available online, but the site mentioned that they are available in stores for purchase directly.

For those who aren?t familiar with the handheld, the Nintendo 2DS is a cheaper version of the popular Nintendo 3DS. The price difference has its set of tradeoffs as the 2DS doesn?t have the 3DS? stereoscopic 3D functionality and the form is different as the 2DS features a slate form factor instead of the usual clam shell design. All 3DS games can be played on the 2DS but only in 2D mode. The 2DS was announced last August and made its debut in October of last year.

This deal is a marketing strategy to try to get kids to hop on the Nintendo platform. The timing is also impeccable as the device is wallet friendly and comes at a time when kids are starting their summers.

A promotional video has been included that is geared more towards younger children.

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Of course, aside from kids, it should appeal to gamers too, especially those who have been itching to try out different game franchises like the Pokemon games but have been holding back. Others who are just curious to see what Nintendo has to offer should grab this opportunity as it won?t last very long.

Photo Source: Nindtendo 2DS website


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