The Next Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to Run on Tizen, Not Android

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USA Today reports that Samsung will soon launch the next Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Here?s the catch: it will run on Tizen, and not Android. The Korean tech giant will unveil the device at the Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona next week. Samsung is also working on a smartphone running on Tizen, which it will introduce at the same event.

It Could Still Change?

Sad Android fans should hold back their feelings as Samsung can still change its mind. The Galaxy S5 will be the company?s super star at the event on Monday, but they are also developing other wearable technologies. Sources are referring to fitness bands, which Samsung might also unveil at the MWC 2014. The Korean company was asked about Tizen?s participation on its new smartwatch, but it does not leave comments on speculations.

Samsung No Longer Just a Strong Hardware Company


Samsung has been pushing to develop its own services and software. The Korean company was eversince known as a strong hardware company. However, it is now offering software and services to avoid being affected by the commodization of mobile devices.

Tizen, on the other hand, is Samsung?s way of gaining an edge in the competition. The Korean tech giant has been working on open ? source software for several months. It has viewed Tizen as an Android alternative and could lessen the company?s dependence on Google.

Delayed Launch

Samsung initially planned to launch the Galaxy Gear 2 last September 2013. The release was delayed by several months and by November, Samsung decided to unveil the high ? end, Tizeon ? powered handset in February. People have thrown questions here and there regarding the Korean tech giant?s decision to have Tizon on its latest projects. Samsung has been quiet about this matter. We have yet to find out whether the company will push through with its Tizen plan or form closer ties with Android and Google.

It could be that for Samsung, the introduction of Tizen is a smart move. It will allow users to become familiar with the new operating system. There is also a chance that Samsung will have more control over the software. The Android OS running on the first Galaxy Gear looked more like the Windows Phone OS. Pebble, on the other hand, used its own software.


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