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The Newly-Rumored Amazon Phone Features 3D and Hologram

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The Newly-Rumored Amazon Phone Features 3D and Hologram

Seattle, Washington ? There are rumors that resurface about the Amazon Phone. This time it says that they will have 3D features and hologram.

To be fair, the rumors are almost true only because Amazon is still preparing for their products. They have not released it yet, but they are already in the process of doing it. There is just one thing that is not official yet: its 3D and hologram features.

The release dates are not final yet. However, they have already mentioned that they will be working as fast as they can to make it before the second half of the year.

Testing the Retail Phone to Come Up With the Best

The goal of the company with their Amazon Phone is to level the playing field against Samsung and Apple. They are currently testing it with different experts to make sure that they will be at par with these technological giants.

They are trying the best they can to have it on the said dates. With this, they have tapped San Francisco and Seattle?s best minds to work with them. So far, they still have plenty of time considering that they will announce it by June and deliver worldwide by September.

The Rumors and the Fancy Stories About the Amazon Phone

The people, who at some point interacted with the materials, mentioned that they have seen exciting features. They said that its screen allows a user to view in 3D. They also added that this can be done even without the glasses specifically made to make things in 3D version.

Another great feature rumored about the Amazon Phone is that it will have a high-end retina technology located at the front camera. This will allow any person to see the images like in a hologram. The people also mentioned that there will be four cameras in the front, which will all act as sensors.

On top of all this, the people who are officially running the company do not say a single word. They have not commented on any of these issues either. They will just focus on enhancing the hardware of the new item.

If Amazon Phone will feature 3D images, even without the glasses, then, it will surely change how the game in the smartphone market is played. Companies today are releasing relatively the same products. If they can execute it well, would you buy it?

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