The New Sony SmartBand Logs Your Everyday Life

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Sony is keeping up its pace against its competitors by launching three devices at the Mobile World Congress. Apart from its new flagship smartphone and tablet, the company also introduced a new wearable gadget ? the Sony SmartBand SWR10. This gadget works as a life ? logging wrist band that keeps track of your every life, including your communications, your movements, your entertainment and more. The SmartBand goes wherever you go while logging special moments that you can play back on your Android mobile device.

Wearable 24/7

You can wear the SmartBand 24/7, which lets you log whatever you do during the day. This wearable technology is also waterproof and designed to look great with any clothing. It has a premium look and feel with the iconic Sony metal fastening button and LEDs. The SmartBand has a stylishly comfortable wrist band and a removable core unit.

LifeLog App


Another interesting thing about the new SmartBand is the LifeLog app, an innovative Android app that automatically logs your social, physical and entertainment activities. You can trace back what you have done for the day and how you have been communicating with your surroundings. The LifeLog app can also help you set goals and monitor progress. It can even give you weather forecasts.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The SmartBand notifies you on incoming calls, messages and other notifications from your mobile device via Bluetooth technology. It also lets you play, pause and skip music tracks. Connectivity is never a problem with this device as you can use either a standard Bluetooth or the NFC. This means that you get updates from your mobile phone even if it is several meters away.

The SmartBand?s core has an advanced sensor that detects your movements and transfers data straight to your mobile phone. Sony showcased this new wearable technology at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, along with the Smart LifeLog camera concept that visually logs your daily activities.

The new Sony SmartBand SWR10 will be available globally beginning March 2014. This smart wrist band will initially be offered in black. Sony will provide more color options after its launch, including a FIFA World Cup 2014 special design. The Android app LifeLog will also be ready at the Google Play Store in March.

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