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The New Borderlands Is Scheduled to Rock the Stores By Spring

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The New Borderlands Is Scheduled to Rock the Stores By Spring

Brisbane, Australia ? It is already set and official. The New Borderlands will be out in the market by spring.

There is still enough time to work with your savings because it is still a couple of months from now. It is going to be exciting because it will feature the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2. This means that it is going to be both a prequel and a sequel. The story will be between its two predecessors.

Surely, fans can expect better graphics. The story will not be the only that will change. Its technicalities will level up, too.

On the Whereabouts of the Game

The New Borderlands is going to be more futuristic this time. The setting will not be the same as its two predecessors. Its map will revolve around ?Pandora?s Moon?. This is a whole new place that is rarely tackled in the previous series.

Since the characters will be on the moon, the gravity will add up to the excitement of the game. There will be swords involved, as well. If the actions were correctly calculated using science, we still do not know. Either way, it will be exciting when the environment and the new weapons are combined.

It is like playing an entirely complete game. However, they have made sure that the plot is very much related to the two previous games. You can dig deeper into the story.

Never Get Bored With the Newest Characters

The story is more leaning to the 2k involvement of the Australian government in the Borderlands. This was the center of the story during the prequel, too. This was verified when the game makers showed the entire world how the product is going to run, but they did it so briefly.

Surprisingly, they have not done anything yet for the PS4. However, they have mentioned that PS3, Xbox 360, and PC users could get their hands on it. The New Borderlands, however, will not be available for downloads, for now. More of these announcements should be settled as soon as possible.

The New Borderlands is indeed promising. Its setting alone is already a work of a creative mind. However, will the story fit as a prequel and a sequel at the same time? Will it deliver the ideas nicely and clearly?

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