The New AllCast Receiver App Lets You Stream Any Media From Your Android Phone To Another Android Device

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After leaving Cyanogen, Inc., Android developer Koushik Dutta has certainly been busy crafting his own masterpiece, the AllCast app. This innovative application lets Android users stream media from their devices to lots of other supported targets like Roku and Apple TV. However, what would an AllCast user do if he is in a situation where there are no AllCast-supported devices? Dutta provided an answer to that question with the release of his AllCast Receiver app.

Previously, AllCast only offers streaming capabilities to set-top boxes and players that is supported by Dutta?s streaming platform. The list includes Amazon?s Fire TV, Google ChromeCast, Apple TV, Roku, and Ouya. But with the recent release of this companion app, it opens up a whole new target for real-time sharing of media.

The AllCast Receiver app lets you ?cast? all types of media like photos and videos from your own Android device to another Android-powered smartphone or tablet in the absence of other AllCast-supported devices. One important requirement is that the gadget which will become the receiver of the streamed media should run on an Android 4.1 version or higher. This is a two-way system where on one part you will need the AllCast app installed on the device where you will stream media from. On the other end, you will have to install AllCast Receiver in order for that device to display the streamed content.

Users can download AllCast Receiver from the Google Playstore for free. Meanwhile, the basic version of the AllCast streaming app is free but for premium usage, you will have to shell out $ 4.99 to enjoy it. The free version of AllCast only allows up to one minute of streaming time. Basically, it only shows that the app actually works.

Android enthusiasts note that this system is somewhat similar to the discontinued Cheapcast app which also serves a parallel purpose. But this app has been rendered obsolete after ChromeCast updated its system and no longer supported the app?s software structure. ?The AllCast Receiver app is unique since it does not aim to support only one platform. Another reason is that its main purpose is to be able to stream your own content and not other brand?s promoted media.


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