The Most Unique USB Flashdrive Designs

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Ever since we said goodbye to the floppy disk, people have been finding ways to make the flashdrive more and more unique to the eyes and tastes of computer users all over. It sometimes seems that it is no longer about how many things you can put in your stick but how many things your stick is altogether. Here are a few of the most interesting USB flashdrive designs TheBitBag has found on the internet.

You’ll never look at him the same way again

We love this one for obvious reasons. Who doesn?t love an Elmo sticking his business into your folders? Elmo?s world now seems a little more grown-up.

We challenge you to plug this in using chopsticks

We suggest never bringing this one to the dining table. We aren?t sure if the California Maki has a larger storage base than the others because it?s bigger.

Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

Haven?t they done enough to this kid already? Now you can decapitate him without having to watch South Park anymore.

Have you ever seen something so happy to see you?

This one?s a total cutie. We wish we had some strawberry jam and peanut butter flashdrives to couple with this one.

We’re sure you still love playing with the protective slide on that thing

Talk about nostalgia. The only problem with this one is that you might throw it away if you didn?t know what it really was.

This one doesn’t need a caption. But we had to put one to be consistent.

We won?t bother explaining this one. You know why they?re poised like that. Watch out for laptop overheating and breeding with this flashdrive

Winnie the Pooh found his last honey pot

This one?s a little more morbid. We like it because it looks like teddy stuck his nose too far in.

Even if you don’t wear it, it will STILL make you look stupid

We love this one. Imagine the poor chap who actually wears and uses this drive at the same time. Buy this only if you keep losing your flashdrives. This one will never leave your side. But we think your friends will.

Admit it. You were making those transforming sound effects in your head while reading this

This is pretty bad-ass. We guarantee you?ll spend more time playing with it than using it properly.


Our search has brought about a multitude of other designs and these have topped our list as the ones that will get the most attention from your mother when she borrows your computer. Try not to put anything in these USB flashdrives that will get you into trouble; if you know what we mean.


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