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The Most Inexpensive but Feature-Packed Smartphones in the Market

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Companies that provide smartphones for their consumers are selling millions and gaining billions everyday. They are just about the hottest trend people are constantly checking on in this technological age. From Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy series, one can just marvel at how these gadgets have changed the game for most of our trivial tasks and daily habits.

If you are on a budget but still keen on purchasing one, worry not. We have here three very efficient, but inexpensive smartphones?in the market that will surely not hurt your budget and make you a happier smartphone?user.


Motorola Moto X


This smartphone?has amazing features, but will not hurt your expenses. It allows users to?customize designs online with its efficient-enough 4.7-inch HD screen. Phone notifications are so active that it delivers alerts before you even unlock the phone. This device’s greatest feature is that it can answer all your questions with you lifting a finger, thanks to its dedicated natural language processor. Just say “OK, Google Now” and your wish is its command. Need any more convincing to purchase this baby? No? I thought so, too.


Nokia Asha 230

Although Nokia’s latest inexpensive smartphone, the Nokia Asha 230, is set to hit the market in March, people are already raving about it.


The device sports a?2.8-inch, 320×240 pixel screen, 1.3 megapixel camera and 4GB storage. It does not have all the “wow” factors Apple and Samsung smartphones?may have but it definitely works as a sturdy, basic smartphone for those on a low budget. Nokia even plans to release a dual-SIM version of this device for added efficiency.


Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2?


This device is the much awaited successor to the S Duos. It has the same specifications as the Galaxy S but is offered at a lesser price making it a very good deal. You can never go wrong with a 4-inch screen, a?5 megapixel camera with LED flash, and?a 1.2 GHz Dual core chip with the newer VideoCore 4 GPU which is great for gaming at an affordable price. This is one of Samsung’s cheapest smartphones which always fly off the shelves pretty fast.

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