The Most Heinous Crimes That Happened Because of Social Media

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The life of a common citizen has gone digital. With the swift expansion of social networking sites, nothing is secret anymore. People tend to post personal photos, videos and information that are not necessarily for the eyes of the public. Such postings can even trigger plots for some people to commit crimes.

Here is a list of some crimes committed because of social networking sites.


  • Boy’s ex-girlfriend killed his new girlfriend

A boy named Josh, who broke up with his girlfriend named Rachel Wade, found his new love on a social networking site. He posted a pic with his new girlfriend on the social networking site after getting into a relationship with her. Let?s just say that it ended badly because this case from Florida became sensational.


As soon as his ex-girlfriend saw the photo on the evening of April 14, 2009, she went to?Sarah Ludemann?s (Josh’s new girlfriend) house and killed her with a kitchen knife out of jealousy.


  • Boy tweets ?RIP? after killing his best friend

Jameg Blake and Kwame Dancy are buddies since their childhood days. They were inseparable; everything was going well until one day, a girl came into their life. They both fell for the same girl. Of course, a person can only love one person and the girl fell in love with Kwame. Because of this, Kwame and the girl exchanged tweets with each other. This, in turn, made Jameg jealous.

On December 3, 2009, in Harlem, Jameg had a heated argument with Kwame. Things got worse after a couple of days as they engaged in an online battle. He couldn?t take the anger and jealousy anymore, so he shot his best friend and after the crime, he immediately tweeted “RIP Kwame.”


  • Woman killed by husband after changing her relationship status on Facebook


Britisher Sarah, aged 26, was frustrated?after she and her husband had a series of fights which she said had ?made her life hell.? She then decided to change her ?Married? relationship status to ?Single? on Facebook.

Her husband, Edward Richardson, aged 41, became so furious that he murdered her out of anger on January 23, 2009.


  • Man murdered his ex-wife over Facebook comments

In 2008, a British man named Adam got frustrated? over his ex-wife’s Lisa’s Facebook posts regarding his child support payments.?Lisa was complaining about it online, causing shame to Adam.

Furious, Adam went to her ex-wife’s place and started hitting her with a hammer which killed her brutally. He left her body on the floor, lying in a pool of blood, which was discovered the next day by the neighbors.


  • A gang of teenagers planned a murder on Facebook chat

A UK gang of teenagers conspired a murder plan of 15-year-old Sofyen Belamoudden on Facebook chat. They planned to kill him at a public place in South Yardley, Birmingham. On 25 January, 2011, Sofyen was chased, beaten and hacked by the gang, which caused his death on the spot.



  • Man harassed a woman for two years after not going out with him

Twenty-three-year-old Jason Smith terrorized Alexandra Scarlett through her Facebook account for nearly two years. After the woman refused to go out with him, Smith sent her messages threatening her family and her life. The number of threats would go up to 30 in just one day. Scarlett tried to shut down her accounts and open new ones, but Smith was still able to track her down. He was eventually arrested and charged with harassment.


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