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The Most Common Subjects of Instagram Photos

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Whenever we log in to Instagram, we can?t help but notice that the things people take pictures of are turning to be a natural occurrence. You know, yesterday you saw a picture of this and today, you?re looking at it again. And you will most probably be greeted by this very thing tomorrow.

Yep, it?s scary like that.

People share a common taste and passion when it comes to Instagram.

Don?t even say you?ve never uploaded a photo or two of the things in this list before.


The Selfie


The most common types of this photo are the duck faces and close-up ones. Yep, the ones where you see almost every detail of a girl?s face. Most selfies posted are, of course, when the person is on a way to a party or is #JustChillingAtHomeButILookTotallyGoregous. It is a total secret that you did not fix yourself for fifteen minutes just to take a selfie and upload it to Instagram. We are not totally aware of that.


Feet in Places


There is a black and white photo of feet in heels standing on a carpet. There are two feet looking up with sand on them and is obviously on the beach. There are five pairs of feet and they are standing in a circle. The shoe selfie is very popular among Instagram users. And I bet you my two feet, that it will never go out of style.


The Fab Coffee/Cocktail



?Look at this totally cool latte art,? ?Drinking booze tonight!?

Seems familiar to you?

Lo and behold, we have thousands of photos of cups and glasses on Instagram, waiting to be explored by the not-really curious users. But it does help in letting us know that you go to hip and cool places.


The Freshly-Manicured Claws

floral rose vintage cath kidston nail art tutorial blog girl easy rose

You apply some color unto your nail sand let them dry for a few good minutes. Then you get your phone and take a photo of them so that the whole Instagram community can admire your work of art along with you. That looks so #fab, you #NailArtist! Here, let me give you my like!


The Plane Wings in Mid-Air


When you?re on a trip anywhere, this is a must-have for you. You have to really take a photo to prove that you are travelling or that you are on holiday. Yes, we are so jealous of you right now.


The Delectable Meal in Front of You


Everybody has done this before; don?t even try to deny it. We like to take photos of the food we eat and let them know that what we are eating is better than what they are having. Or that it just looks better than it tastes.


My-Pet-is-Cuter-Than-Yours Photos

#LookAtMyPet #HeIsAbsolutelyAdorable #WhyIsHeInBetweenMyFeet #OhWaitDontTellAnyoneIPutMyDogInThere


?It?s a Beautiful Day! Look at the Sky!? Photos


Whether it be a sunset or a sunrise, IG users love taking pictures of the sky. There is just something amazing about capturing that beauty in your 5-inch smartphone.


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