The Most Terrifying Horror Games of 2014: A Leap To The Darkside

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Survival Horror is a genre best described to induce fear, dread and isolation to the player. One great facet of this genus is the scarcity in armaments, ammunition and healing items, gamers are coerced to conserve on precious resources while managing to stay alive.

Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Fatal Frame and The Last of Us are the ideal examples of this genre. All of which tend to scare, intimidate and shock audiences from all walks of life. With that said, I give you four?of the most terrifying?horror games of 2014. Enjoy!


You take control of Sebastian Castellanos, an indomitable detective embroiled in an unfortunate series of events. Dispatched to investigate a grisly mass murder, Sebastian and his crew find themselves trapped in a spooky manor. The innocuous mission goes terribly amiss when his comrades are suddenly ambushed by a malevolent presence.

Sebastian is forced to witness the heinous onslaught. To make things worse, the flabbergasted private investigator is knocked unconscious when a mysterious figure whacks him from out of nowhere. The game begins in a blood-stained storage room with him hanging upside down and all tied up. Your main objective in the game is to uncover the truth behind the outlandish massacres and survive the sickening ploy.


You assume the role of a lone survivor in a direful plane crash. After gaining consciousness from the catastrophe, you immediately uncover the impious secrets of the mystical woods and its inimical inhabitants. As the vulnerable player, you are incessantly compelled to fend off a throng of indigenous threats that saunter the creepy forest. In addition, you must shrewdly craft items and other survival tools available at your disposal to create reliable weapons and much needed gear. Gather food in the woodlands and build your own shelter to protect yourself from the ravenous tribe.


From the creators of the Dead Island Franchise comes another unnerving tale of human subsistence. As the fearless protagonist, you must traverse a city over-run by flesh-eating zombies. Make use of your environment to stack up on weaponry ranging from a shabby baseball bat to a powerful pistol. Fight hordes of the undead as you make your way out of the infected zone. Survive till sunrise as you embark on a dubious expedition to obliterate the gangrenous populace.


Set in 2137, you play as Amanda, the canny daughter of Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise. Your primary task in the game is to investigate Sevastopol, an abandoned Space Station inhabited by bellicose alien life forms. Follow the daring exploit of a lone space marine in her boundless quest to locate her missing mother.

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