The Martian: Movie Based On Real Science?

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Ridley Scott?s The Martian is up for release soon. But those who want to catch the movie read the review before you head to the movie theatre.

According to Wired, The Martian is about an astronaut stranded on Mars who has to find a way to grow his own food to survive until he can be rescued. Since Mars is an arid planet where, as Watney puts it, nothing grows, he must science the shit out of his circumstances to make water and grow a crop.

It?s roughly 15 years into the future, and Damon plays Mark Watney, a botanist and astronaut who?s part of Ares 3, the third crewed mission to Mars. While out collecting samples from the Martian surface, a sudden storm overtakes the crew, and with Commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain) convinced that Watney?s been killed by falling debris, the crew leaves the planet and begins the journey back to Earth. Only it turns out that Watney is still alive, stranded alone on the surface of the Red Planet, and with a limited number of rations and years to go before Ares 4 returns to Mars, he?s got to figure out how to survive and get in touch with the folks back home, reports The Verge.

Indie Wire?states that much of the movie relies on Matt Damon to carry it by himself, alone on Mars. The script cleverly has Mark creating video logs of his activity, ?for the record,? which helps mitigate what is lot of exposition and explanation of the various solutions he comes up with for the variety of problems he faces. Balanced by a good dose of humor, and Damon?s effortless charm, the film makes a lot of technically heavy scientific chatter engaging. The story is completely free of subplots or extraneous threads?focusing on Mark on Mars figuring out the next problem to solve, and everyone at NASA doing the same?with the script by Drew Goddard (?World War Z,? ?Cloverfield,? ?Daredevil?) almost always pushing ahead with forward momentum, but this isn?t always a good thing.

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