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The MacBook Air 12″: Early Rumors Provide the Hype

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The hottest laptop out there, according to the recently concluded CES 2015, is the Dell XPS 13.

While that?s something for people who are followers of Windows laptops, the news here is that it?s being hailed as an alternative to Apple?s MacBook Air. The Dell laptop is said to have a better set of specs than that of the Apple laptop. What it doesn?t have, however, is a new laptop that?s coming?not this year, or any other year just yet. The prospect of seeing a new Apple laptop coming out of manufacturing, however, does feel all too exciting to be ignored.

So we take a look these articles?one coming from Fortune, which is about Apple?s drawing board plans. While there?s not any physical evidence just yet, Apple appears to be gearing up for something that?s going to be big when it finally arrives. This article from BGR, however, all but confirms that Apple?s successor to the MacBook Air is coming, and it appears to be real soon. It seems that way because do you manufacture something for a gadget that doesn?t even exist just yet?

A Retina MacBook Air

The hits from Apple just seem to keep coming, don?t they?

Not preferring to keep silent in the presence of upstarts like the Dell XPS 13, Apple is expected to release the MacBook Air Retina version sometime during the 2nd Quarter of this year, according to Fortune. The release of the MacBook Air is also apparently imminent, with some territories ready to receive stocks while other would have to wait. In a business point of view, MacBooks are popular profit-makers for Apple, with the iPhone and tablets making a large bulk of what they gained last year, as per Fortune.

With this new Retina MacBook Air, Apple is perhaps announcing that it?s not willing to relinquish its throne. The MacBook Air is making its appearance sometime during the second quarter, or it could also be as early as the start of the said quarter this year.

A USB for the Retina MacBook Air?Confirmation?

This USB, which? as per BGR? appeared during the MWC 2015, confirms the completion of Apple?s MacBook Air Retina version.

While Apple has yet to confirm the arrival of their updated MacBook Air?which has made waves during the week with some orders being confirmed?Sandisk had other plans. The company, which had made its living with storage devices, released a USB for use with the MacBook Air Retina version, as per BGR. The USB is a Type-C USB which works specifically with the MacBook Air.

This wasn?t the only product Sandisk had come up with. They had also earlier released a large-storage HDD, with variants available for the iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android devices. The Type-C USB, however, has been the largest announcement for the arrival of the MacBook Air.

Apple?s Future is Bright

What the release of the MacBook Air means is that the dominance of the XPS 13 might be short-lived. The MacBook Air Retina version may be equal to or surpass the XPS 13 in terms of brilliance and design aesthetics, since that?s a regular occurrence with Apple. That may be the case as the release of the said device appears to be coming soon.


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