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The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes Review Compilation: Game Fails To Impress?

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A new Legend of Zelda game has arrived, but will this keep us entertained while we wait for the upcoming Zelda Wii U game?

Cooperative gameplay is not a foreign word for the Legend of Zelda series, as it has experimented with multiplayer mode gaming before with the Four Swords series; where you and three of your friends can play together in completing missions, the recent Hyrule Warriors also lets you play with a partner with one using the Wii U gamepad and the other with the TV. With the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, the game goes back to the co-op feature with three players, though you can still play it by solo, but the game content is focused more on multiplayer. We listed some of the reviews from major gaming websites and see if Triforce Heroes is a good one.

Gamespot 5 out of 10

There are several barriers preventing Tri Force Heroes from being great. But through it all, one of the series’ greatest traits remains strong even here: the exceptional music. Lilting flutes, snappy strings, and tense battle drums pervade every area. The music reminds me how compelling this franchise can be, and how great it often is. Nintendo has deviated from the norm with the series before–but this time, many of its changes don’t work.

IGN 8.5 out of 10

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is more than just a fun co-op diversion from the large-scale solo adventures this series is known for. The challenging, intricate puzzles are great chaotic fun in local multiplayer or for a one-time run through in single-player. Limited communication tools make it difficult to play with adventurers online, but everywhere else it?s a success.

Nintendo Life 6 out of 10

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a mixed bag, though still exudes the charm of the franchise while throwing in some delightful features all of its own. Outfits are a high point, as are the presentation and soundtrack, and there are moments of wonder when level design and teamwork come together in harmony. There are weak points, however, with uneven stage design, poor communication options in multiplayer and a single player experience that’s a mere afterthought. Tri Force Heroes isn’t a bad game, but it’s not on the same level as its illustrious predecessors.

Though some reviewers have mixed reactions, this is a great game to play with your friends, while you all wait for the much anticipated Legend of Zelda for the Wii U, which should available really soon.

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