The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 11 Spoilers, Preview

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Legends of the Blue Sea

In The Legend of The Blue Sea episode 11, Lee Hee-Joon’s character is a cunning, greedy and selfish person, a villain, who can do anything for money.

So in the upcoming episode, will he play a role with evil intentions and betrayal? But since the official trailer and promotional images have not been released, fans & followers will have to wait for some longer to find out what lies ahead for Heo Joon-Jae and Shim Chung.

The Legend Of The Blue Sea Recap

From, the last two episodes, Kim Dam-ryeong kept asking to Heo Joon-Jae for protecting the woman from the bad people and stop things from getting repeated in the future. However, in the end of episode 10, he realized that it was Jun Ji-Hyun’s character.

Legends of the Blue Sea

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The mermaids in the Korean mini-series disappeared from their timelines and viewers are wondering what really happened to them. If you can recall, the golden-tailed mermaid is saying a final goodbye to the village head and the silver-tailed mermaid moved out of the conman’s house after revealing her secrets to him.


Also, serial killer Ma Dae-young is featured as the primary antagonist, and a new villain is likely to be introduced in the second half of the Korean mini-series. One which will be determined to find out the hidden secrets of a silver-tailed mermaid.

What should fans look forward to?

Fans are also eager to know about the female protagonists have gone back to the ocean or have been hurt by someone.

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On December 21 the episode 12 of The Legend of The Blue Sea will be back and fans are expecting to watch the reunion of their favorite onscreen couples, Heo Joon-Jae and Shim Chung, as well as Kim Dam-ryeong and Se-Hwa.

Will Lee Min Ho’s character saved his lover from the villains? So watch online The Legend of The Blue Sea episode 11 live on SBS at 10 pm Korean time on December 21.It will take an interesting turn on December 21.

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