The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 11: The Final Showdown between Chandler and Peng?

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Last Ship Season 3 Episode 11

With Season 3 nearing its conclusions, we get more revelations and the pieces are slowly coming together. Expect the Last Ship Season 3 Episode 11 to focus on Chandler as he finally comes to head in a final showdown with his enemy. And when all is said and done, the question he also faces is, can he still go home given his actions and the political chaos happening there? Watch ?Legacy? teaser below.

Let?s do a quick recap on episode 10, entitled ?Scuttle?. Captain Meylan and Chandler detonate another Navy ship after stripping it of all the equipment they could take. Soon the team assembles to discuss what to do with Peng, and Meylan expresses that he wants to go home. They get into an argument as Tom believes that they should stop Peng at all costs as he is still a threat to the world. But Meylan believes they wouldn?t stand a chance as Peng has more resources than they do and it will be futile. Somebody else could always take over even if they take out Peng.

Last Ship Season 3 Episode 11

Meylan gets his chance when Alison Shaw was able to convince the President to have Chandler arrested and he is relieved of command. The Nathan James is set to go back but Chandler sets into motion his own trial at sea. While this is happening, Slattery rouses the men to take back the ship and free Chandler, to continue on their mission of stopping Peng.

The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 11 will present some interesting points for discussion, along with how the end of the season will pan out. Will Chandler be held accountable for treason and his actions of not following Navy procedure? What would his punishment be? This can all affect the show and season 4. And what will happen with his final showdown with Peng?

Meanwhile back Stateside, Kara is on the run, struggling to find someone whom she can trust. Unfortunately she finds out that Allison is not that someone. Kara called Allison to tell her about the White House mole and to come meet her alone at a diner. To her surprise, 2 guys in suits came instead of Allison. ?


So many shocking revelations and turn of events yet again for The Last Ship and so far what we can make these simple deductions:

  • Allison is a snake
  • Meylan is a coward
  • Tom is a hero but he?ll probably be jailed for it

Watch The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 11 teaser video here:

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