The Last Of Us Overview: Against All Odds

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The Last of Us is another literary masterpiece conceived by Naughty Dog, the creators of The Unchartered Series and the Crash Bandicoot Anthology.

The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic third person survival horror title. The game centers on a pandemic ridden America victimized by a fungal outbreak that has transformed humans to grotesque creatures. The grim reality of a world coming to an end has turned looters, and fugitives into homicidal maniacs. Citizens are coerced to survive despite unfathomable human atrocities.

Players take on the role of Joel, a grizzled black marketer whose constantly tormented by his tainted past. With the current situation at its worse, Joel decides to negotiate with Marlene, the queen firefly, agreeing to smuggle precious cargo in exchange for much needed gear. This is where he stumbles on Ellie, a plucky 14 year old orphan. Joel, the reluctant guardian is compelled to protect Ellie at all cost. Together they roam decrepit hotels, a dilapidated power plant and deserted houses teeming with Clickers and rancorous Hunters.

As the story progress, players will meet affable characters and loyal contacts that will ultimately aid them in their perilous trek. Form robust pacts and strategically fend off adversaries. Players must furtively raid nearby areas for rations, medical supplies and ammunition to outlast the deadly holocaust.

The Last Of Us Overview


What makes this game standout is its seamless presentation. The narrative transition is very engaging, the game is riddled with astounding plot twists that will leave you breathless. Moreover, the game has a stellar soundtrack and voice acting. Characters are more believable; something that fans will truly appreciate and be emotionally invested in. Graphics wise the game has unrivaled visuals, the best I?ve seen since GTA V, Unchartered Series and Far Cry 3. The game employs an extensive arsenal customization, allowing players to experiment with stashed items. Enemies are relentless and brutal during close quarters combat, making the action more frantic and exciting.


Minor setbacks include occasional glitches and bugs but aside from that, the game is impeccable.


Overall the game exceeds expectation and cunningly integrates various elements from different genres including stealth, survival horror and action-adventure. I give this game a perfect score 5 out 5 stars, a must have for PS3 and PS4 owners.

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