The Last of Us Movie Adaptation: The Real Reason Behind Its Cancelation

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Players of the The Last of Us were hyped-up knowing that one of the sought after video games is finally getting a movie adaptation. I mean, who doesn?t want to see their favorite protagonists on the movie screen, right?!

How players of The Last of Us were technically lead on

The casting speculations even added spice to the excitement that The Last of Us is giving its fans, and it was just safe to assume that the film was being done smoothly. Plus,?it?s not just the casting that kept our hopes up, the news also said that screenwriter Neil Druckmann completed the second-draft script!

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But even though people tried their best not to forget about the possible adaptation, fans have all the reasons to forget, since it?s been a year and a half since the last news about The Last of Us.

And just when people have moved on from the unfinished project, a new update is on its way to revive the hearts of the hopeful, and people are praying that it isn?t back to break their hearts for the second time around.

The Last of Us Movie Adaptation

The Cause of Delay

Sam Raimi, producer of The Evil Dead and Spider-Man has spilled out some much-awaited specifics about why The Last of Us movie adaptation never pushed through.

The film obviously got into development hell, and the cause of the delay was all about who controls the rights, plus some squabbles over the flow of the story. Sam Raimi explained to IGN that they were expecting to be the one in charge of the rights.

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Sam Raimi also made it clear that though he was one of the producers of the film, he couldn?t just take off his plans for the film since he was under Sony. ?I can?t tell you what Sony and Neil [Druckmann of Naughty Dog] together will decide on,? he said in an interview. But Raimi pointed out that he will definitely help if they push through with the film.

The story of the video game, The Last of Us revolves around a cruel survivor named Joel, who resides in one of the last remaining Quarantine Zones; and his struggles with Ellie. Together they form a bond through their adventure in?a post-pandemic United States.

The Last of Us teaches its players a lot about loyalty, love, and of course, REDEMPTION.

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