The Last of Us 2 Spoilers: Reasons Why Joel Should Still Be The Lead Character

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Fans who have finished The Last of Us will remember its incredibly dark ending. Instead of our hero Joel standing triumphant with Ellie in the end, he becomes a monster — not an infected monster like the enemies players had to fight in the game, but a killer who selfishly puts his needs over those of the world. This is actually the reason why he should still be the lead for The Last of Us 2, or whatever Naughty Dog decides to call it.

At the end of The Last of Us, Joel finds out that Ellie will be killed so that scientists can study her body and find a cure for the infestation. Outraged, Joel kills everyone in the facility, including unarmed doctors and a wounded person begging for her life. It?s a truly haunting moment and is definitely one of the darkest endings in video game history.

Some fans have argued that Ellie?s death would have been for nothing since there were other people who died that were immune to the virus, but the massive infestation still couldn?t be stopped. That doesn?t make Joel any less of a monster for what he did, but it still makes him a compelling protagonist for a possible Last of Us sequel.

Joel?s actions could haunt him and Ellie in the sequel. Joel could have flashbacks about the killings, since he hid them from Ellie, which would make for some creepy scenes. There could also be more people after them trying to get revenge for what Joel did to the people in the facility.

There are plenty of possibilities for The Last of Us 2. Admittedly, the game could be about original characters in a different part of the game?s universe, which would be just as interesting. At the same time though, there?s just so much to do with Joel after the events of the first game.

A possible Last of Us 2 has been teased numerous times, but nothing official has been said yet about the game. The original game proved to be a valuable IP for Naughty Dog, winning plenty of awards and getting a remake on the PS4.

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