The Last Of Us 2 Release Date, Gameplay, And Other Fans Want To See At E3 2017

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Late last year, Naughty Dog officially unveiled the sequel to their highly acclaimed game, The Last of Us. Since then, we haven’t heard from the game since and all we have for now is a teaser trailer vaguely telling us what to expect in the sequel. Fans are expecting an appearance from Naughty Dog this E3 2017 and we could have a new info including details on The Last of Us 2 release.

Although Naughty Dog is yet to announced if they have some news for The Last of Us 2 at E3 2017, many are already expecting Naughty Dog to make a splash at Sony’s event like how the studio did with the first game at E3 2012. Here are some of the things fans want to see this E3 2017 for The Last Of Us 2.


On the top of the things that players want to see this E3 is gameplay for The Last of Us 2. Above all things, players are looking to see new changes as well as upgraded and retained features for the upcoming sequel. Even an alpha phase gameplay footage would suffice the hungry fans looking for a glimpse of the gameplay for the upcoming title. Naughty Dog is already hard at work in the sequel as evident in their mo-cap session teases.

Everything New

Seeing as how big a success the first game was, fans are definitely eager to see just how Naughty Dog will keep the experience fresh in the upcoming title. A major gameplay change could upset players, but keeping the gameplay exactly the same could sound even more upsetting.

One of the new possible features could involve horseback riding. In the first game, Joel and Ellie got to use horses during some parts of the game, but it was only for travelling methods. Having to gun down the infected and other enemies on horseback sounds like a pretty neat feature to have.

Naughty Dog is likely to retain a few key features from the original The Last of Us including its survival mechanics and crafting system as they are one of the things that made the first game stand out. For the new features, fans are probably looking for a better and more explorable open-world in the upcoming sequel.

In the first The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie explored diverse locations. However, the areas are very restricted and gameplay feels very linear at times. Seeing as horseback battles are a possibility, Naughty Dog will need to add in bigger spaces for combat.

Release Date

Another things that fans would want from Naughty Dog is The Last of Us 2 release date, but this seems very unlikely for now as the game could still be in its early development stages. Regardless, Naughty Dog could still reveal what year the game will launch. Full production on The Last of Us 2 will start once the studio focuses work on Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

Where’s Joel?

In the reveal trailer for The Last of Us 2, we got to see a few things including a logo of The Fireflies and a more mature Ellie. One thing we didn’t see though is Joel himself. As the main character of the first game, fans are going to want to see him the second time around but given his age, many are speculating that Joel is already dead in the sequel.

We did get to hear Joel in the reveal trailer and we do manage to get a glimpse of what looks to be a silhouette of him but that was just about it. Many are speculating that Joel is already dead and he only serves as a guide for Ellie. To see him once again at E3 2017 would please a lot of fans.

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