The Last Of Us 2 Trailer Recreated In Real-Life!

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A fan-made The?Last of Us 2 trailer has caught the attention of a lot of fans due to its amazingly accurate details that depict the game itself. Even the slightest detail in the trailer was given specific attention in order for it to be as accurate as possible.

The fan-made fan-made?Last of Us 2 trailer?successfully recreates Ellie Williams having a hard time playing her guitar. She is also seen with blood dripping down her face as she sings.?In fact, the audio of the fan-made trailer syncs with the official trailer, which shows how much attention to detail the people have put into recreating the video. Reddit user SPENCE_15 tried to align the audio of the video and you can check it out here.?

From the strands of Ellie?s hair, to how she strums her guitar, the person that portrayed Ellie has a striking resemblance to the game?s main protagonist. But what surprised us was the part when we see the room where she is in.

Last Of Us 2 Real Life Trailer

There’s a lot of saw a male character lying face down the floor and appears to be dead. He is wearing green long sleeves and blue jeans, although his face and head part have been purposely cut off scene. We can assume that this could possibly be Joel.

This can also be an answer to the question of many of the players which is ?Why is Joel absent in the second game?? The theory of him being infected by the virus and becoming a zombie is now a high possibility.

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With the release date of the game and a lot of details still unknown, we’ll have to wait for Naughty Dog’s official word before rushing to assumptions. Let’s hope that the full game matches the hype that the trailer has made.?

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