The Last Of Us 2 PS4 Release Starts Full Production After Uncharted The Lost Legacy

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the last of us 2
Ellie from The Last of Us 2. [Image from Game New Official YouTube channel]

The Last of Us 2 is one of the most anticipated exclusives coming to PS4, despite the lack of gameplay. We have only seen a teaser trailer thus far, but the first game’s excellence hyped it to unparalleled heights. It seems like we could see more of the game next year, as news recently hit that it enters production soon.

According to Game Informer, full production on the sequel will start once Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is complete. Since Naughty Dog already revealed a trailer for the upcoming sequel, this isn’t a huge surprise to hear. Fans just want it to be as good as the first game, though it could surpass expectations given the company’s resume’.

Naughty Dog went through plenty of stress, as they tried micromanaging the two games separately, rotating through two development teams. The company tried making two different teams to work on different games, but that ended up resulting in “a team and a quarter.” It seems like the studio has given up staffing two different teams.

Where Is Lost Legacy?

Fans might want The Last of Us 2 already, but they’re also impatiently waiting for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Nathan Drake isn’t set to return, as series regular Chloe Frazer takes the limelight for this new adventure. She won’t be alone either, as Uncharted 4 standout Nadine will also be in the add-on, joining the adventure.

Aside from a short gameplay trailer, we still don’t know when the new story is coming out. This expansion has been teased since the release of Uncharted 4 and fans could purchase it in advance by buying a specific pass. Most of the DLC has been free, since they’re just extra content for the game’s strangely addictive multiplayer.

Uncharted: The Last of Us?

Despite being tonally different from each other, there’s no denying that there are similarities between Uncharted and The Last of Us. Both games were third-person action games, though the former was more high octane and fun, while the latter is more stealth-based and depressing. The Last of Us 2 promises to be even darker than the previous game, with angry singing Ellie exciting fans.

Like Lost Legacy, there is no release date for the sequel, though it will likely come out in 2018 or later. Keep in mind that the first Last of Us game came out on PS3 and was simply remastered for the PS4. The company will have to make a new engine for this game, as seen from the gorgeous trailer that featured Ellie swearing vengeance.

The Last of Us 2 will start production after Lost Legacy, which is set for a 2017 release. Both Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us: Remastered are available now on the PS4.

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