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The Last Of Us 2 PS4 Release Hastened By Naughty Dog’s Hiring Spree

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the last of us 2
The Last of Us 2 could get help from newbies. [Image from PlayStation Blog]

Seems like Naughty Dog wants The Last of Us 2 to be done soon, as the company is currently hiring. There are plenty of job positions that can be applied for; from animation, sound design, character designing and much more. While it’s doubtful that the company is rushing the game, there’s no doubt that they want it to be finished.

Considering the amount of success the first game managed to reap, the team have to double their efforts for acclaim. With the pedigree Naughty Dog has, there’s no doubt that the sequel has a ton of expectations from the fans. Whether the hiring spree of the company shared on Twitter helps out remains to be seen.

Currently, Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted: Lost Legacy, a standalone expansion that focuses on Chloe Frazer. The studio previously revealed that the studio will only start full production on The Last of Us 2 after they wrap up development on Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Naughty Dog previously tried halving their teams to allow development on both Uncharted and The Last of Us games, but they admitted that it ended up being too difficult.

Not the Last Hiring

Hiring sprees for big games didn’t start with The Last of Us 2 and it probably won’t end there either. It wasn’t long ago when Guerilla Games started revealing open job applications for a possible sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. Some might consider that surprising, since the game came out last February to critical acclaim, but stranger things have happened.

Sucker Punch – the developer of Infamous – was also looking to hire some new talent for a new game. This is common practice now for video game companies and could be a big opportunity for artists and game programmers. Expect more of these as more big name games are announced or teased in the future, or sometime after E3 2017.

Ellie’s Journey

Since The Last of Us 2 will focus on Ellie, it makes sense to get new character designs out there. There was a time skip from the first game, since Ellie is clearly older than she was in the original. New enemies and allies are clearly needed to make the game feel more fresh, since gameplay will stay as is.

Of course, the hiring could be for a brand new IP that the company hasn’t told anyone about just yet. Big game companies like Naughty Dog don’t like to announce everything they’re working on right away, so this is possible. Until the company releases more details about the sequel or a new IP, this is all basically speculation for now.

The Last of Us 2 has no release date or release window, but it is a PS4 exclusive. Curious players can pick up The Last of Us: Remastered right now on PS4 and a GOTY edition for PS3.

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