The Last Of Us 2: How Naughty Dog Can Improve Its Multiplayer Modes

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Naughty Dog?s The Last of Us was a critically acclaimed title which gave players one of the best storytelling in video games and solid survival gameplay. Aside from the immersive single-player experience, the game also provided players with an amazing multiplayer component through Factions MP.

Factions MP lets players duke it out against each other in a battle for supremacy and supplies. They get to choose between playing as the Hunters or the Fireflies. Though it?s already an impressive competitive multiplayer mode, it could still use some improvement to further enhance player experience. With The Last of Us 2 rumors circulating, it?s possible that Naughty Dog will include another multiplayer mode as well. Below are some of the new features that Naughty Dog should add to The Last of Us 2?s multiplayer mode.

Infected in the Maps

In the modes in Factions MP, players are restricted to human versus human scenarios only. Although this is exciting enough, giving players the choice to allow the Infected into their maps would make the experience better. Capcom?s upcoming Umbrella Corps. will feature competitive multiplayer with players going head to head against each other while the undead are roaming around.

Let Gamers Play as the Infected

Choosing between the Fireflies or the Hunters will not yield any significant gameplay changes. Letting players use the Infected in The Last of Us 2 as another playable faction will add a better experience to Factions MP. Similar to the Versus Mode in Left 4 Dead, players will be able to use the different types of Infected like the Runners, Clickers and Bloaters.

Co-Op Multiplayer?

The Last of Us? campaign let players use Joel and Ellie for a few parts, as he travels around with a partner. Surprisingly enough, Naughty Dog didn?t allow co-op gameplay on the Story Mode of the game. Even if it?s just local co-op multiplayer, we?re sure that players would love to travel post-apocalyptic America with a human buddy instead of an AI in The Last of Us 2.


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