‘The Last: Naruto the Movie’ Set to Come Out in December

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Be warned that this is a spoiler for those that don?t read the manga. For those that do, well, we are familiar that Naruto does seem to be headed to an all-too familiar end. Ever since the series? debut in 1997 featuring a kid in an orange ninja suit striving to become the leader of his village (Hokage), It has spawned a lot of merchandise. Games, posters, toys, movies, a weekly series, you name it. Like all good things, though, it must come to an end, and from the looks of where the manga is headed, it does seem that it is headed for that.

There have been at least 6 video game titles on the series which are based on different arcs of the story of Naruto. These games were split between appearing on consoles and handhelds made by Nintendo and Sony. As for the movies spawned by the series, all in all, there are already 9 movies in existence, with the last one coming out in 2012.

So far, since its inception, the series has enjoyed massive success.? Obviously, Naruto did quite well in Japan, as mangas that didn’t sell and do quite well don’t last this long. Another movie is speculated to be in the works, as announced by Shueisha. This was an announcement that was supposed to come out on the Weekly Shonen Jump movie.

The movie will carry the title ?The Last: Naruto the Movie? and will be coming out in Japanese theatres in December later this year. The movie is coming after the heels of “Road to Ninja” and is going to be a part of a series of projects under the ?Naruto New Era Project.?

The author of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, will be coming onboard as a chief story supervisor. He will be responsible for drafting an original story for the movie, as well as character designs for it. In the magazine, there are featured drawings of Naruto sporting a short haircut and looking very adult-like, as well as him eating his favorite ramen.

July 31 is also expected to be a red letter day for the fans of the series in Japan, since a 15-second trailer will air during Naruto?s TV broadcast there. August 1 will see a full version trailer that will run in Japanese theaters, followed by an exhibition focused solely on everything Naruto in Japan next year.

As of now, of course, there are no signs that the series will be coming to an abrupt stop, but if the title and the manga?s direction is any indication, there is a danger that the end will come soon. Fans are hoping that these are just mere speculations. This latest Naruto film?s predecessor, “Road to Ninja,” was widely accepted by the Japanese audience, making its debut in July 2012 and earning the honor of being the highest-grossing Naruto movie ever. It is scheduled to be released in North American theaters next month.

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