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The Last: Naruto The Movie Review ? Part 1

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? Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha Inc., TV Tokyo Corporation, Pierrot Co. Ltd. ? Naruto the Movie Production Committee 2014

The Last: Naruto The Movie is the highly anticipated movie for Naruto and Naruto Shippuden fans. Just a heads up though, The Last: Naruto The Movie might look a bit like a chick flick and there are a few cheesy?but adorable?moments in the film that you will either hate or like.

Here is the Bitbag?review for the seventh Naruto Shippuden movie and tenth overall Naruto film.

The Last: Naruto The Movie, the good and brilliant side of the film

  • Naruto acting all clueless and innocent ? during the early parts of the movie, Naruto was clueless as hell towards Hinata?s feelings for him.
  • Flashback scene, Naruto and Hinata?s past ? this was already leaked but the videos posted a few months back didn?t have any subtitles so it?s kind of hard to know what?s happening on that scene.
  • Flashback scene theory?? the only theory I can think of was, when the scarf touched Naruto?s arms, it suddenly made some sort of emotional connection between Hinata?s memories and Naruto?s. Since both of them are under the influence of Genjutsu and Hinata?s handmade scarf was made out of pure love and all that emotional stuff, I guess that is the reason why her memories were transferred to him?or shared perhaps.
  • Naruto is now really strong and in complete control of his powers ? he can now release rasenshuriken in an instant without the assistance of his shadow clones.
  • NaruHina moment, Hinata applying the healing cream on Naruto?s back ? personally, this is one of my most favorite scenes in The Last: Naruto The Movie.
  • Toneri and Hinata?s wedding ? it may sound weird that this scene is included in the Pros section but Hinata looks more beautiful on her dress here than the one she was wearing in the NaruHina wedding (traditional kimono).
  • NaruHina moment transition from confession to the Uzumaki Family scene ? Kishimoto did an excellent job during the last part of the movie. The climax started when Naruto confessed to Hinata about his feelings for her, followed by Naruto asked her to wrap her arms around him because they are going to fly, NaruHina moon kissing scene, NaruHina wedding credits scene and the Uzumaki family scene at the end.

My review for The Last: Naruto The Movie

The Last: Naruto The Movie is a great film, no doubt about that, though I can?t say that IT IS THE BEST, more like, a special movie for a Naruto and Naruto Shippuden fan. It mainly focuses on Naruto and Hinata and their transition from being friends to husband and wife.

The last 8 minutes of the film is the most important part of The Last: Naruto The Movie because that is where the moment where fans get to see Naruto?s sweet side.


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? Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha Inc., TV Tokyo Corporation, Pierrot Co. Ltd. ? Naruto the Movie Production Committee 2014

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