The Last 2-3 Minutes of Kyle Careford and Michael Owen Lives Before the Fatal Car Crash

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Kyle Careford and Michael Owen Lives Before the Fatal Car Crash

The two young men were having a blast while high on a cocktail of drugs; Michel Owen appeared to be holding the camera while his friend, Kyle Careford drives the car. It was the early hours of the morning on April 2 and they were speeding along the country lanes.

They were laughing and having fun with Michael navigating his friend as well as repeatedly telling Kyle to slow down; which apparently, Michael was ignoring. Seconds later, there was a crash, then darkness and the village of Rotherfield heard the loud sound of metal crashing.

The boys? family consented to the release of this video to the public believing that through this harrowing and traumatic in-car footage people will have that almost personal brush with the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs.

If there is just one person saved because of this disturbing video of the fatal accident, the family of both boys believed that their sons? death will have some positive meaning. Watching it is quite upsetting but the families hope that it can make a difference. Even Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas from the Surrey and Sussex road policing unit agrees with them, he was quoted saying: ?If the release of this incredibly impactive footage results in lives saved, then it will be a valuable legacy of Michael and Kyle?s sad deaths.?

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