The Kingsman 2 To Begin Filming Soon, Taron Egerton Won?t Be In The Movie?

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The smash action hit ?Kingsman: The Secret Service? is set to make another awesome sequel after grossing more than $400 million worldwide. 20th Century Fox are exercising their sequel option on actor Taron Egerton but unfortunately, is caught in a conflict between another film of Egerton from Lionsgate Films, ?Robin Hood: Origins.?

The sequel to Kingsman is planning to start production and shooting in April in spite of not having a script. ?Robin Hood: Origins,? on the other hand, is likely to begin shooting this February, which is likely going to create a conflict with Kingsman 2, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

20th Century Fox cancelling the sequel is a very unlikely choice but its option on Egerton puts them in a leading position, meaning ?Kingsman 2? could upstage ?Robin Hood: Origins.? But in terms of preproduction, Lionsgate is ahead of the race with offers to actors already being given to play Hood?s Merry Men, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A lot of in-demand actors encounter a problem like this and usually, their representatives handle the issue and can make a schedule to ease through both movies. But in Taron Egerton?s dilemma, the decision will be up to the two studios. An insider from the Hollywood Reporter believe that the problem won?t be that severe and that ?things will be worked out,? so it?s great news for rising star Egerton, who could soon be the leading star of two studio franchises.

In a previous report, BT had a chance to talk with Taron Egerton and share some ideas for the sequel. ?I would like to see him presented with new problems, both global and personal, and see how he overcomes them,? Egerton exclaims. ?The relationship between Merlin (Mark Strong) and Eggsy is one I?d like to see taken further. There?s a bit of banter between them and I think that?s something you could push further.?

No date has been set for the release of Kingsman 2, but we?ll keep you updated.

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