‘The Joker’ Is Actually Robin In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?? Reddit Theories Prove Rumor!

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Jared Leto?s Joker may actually be the Boy Wonder, Robin, who was tortured and manipulated by the Clown Prince of Crime into becoming like him. This was suggested by a fan theory on Reddit as both The Joker and Robin?s costume have a similar wound on their shoulder.

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The photo on the left is our first look at Joker for the Suicide Squad film. The rightmost photo shows us the costume of Jason Todd aka Robin which has been sprayed by a graffiti as shown in the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Robin is rumored to have been beaten to death figuratively, meaning he was tortured till insanity.

More Theories Prove Robin Is Joker

More prior rumors support this theory.

According to Blastr, a redditor speculated that Jason might have taken the role of the Clown Prince of Crime because he was angry at Batman for not saving him from being beat-to-death by the Joker.

According to Dorkly, Jason was brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit (the same pit in the DC Arrow TV series) and he thereafter takes the name and persona of Red Hood. This name was used before by the Joker, Blastr reported.

This rumor is further reinforced by the note written in blood saying “You Let Your Family Die” that Bruce Wayne receives in the Batman v Superman trailer. This can mean the Clown Prince alleging Wayne of being the cause of his death as well as?Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl who is?rumored to have been sexually assaulted by Joker.

The Joker enrages Batman?

The Robin-turned Joker blames Batman for his death?

Comic Book actually slightly believes the rumor ?because Jared Leto?s Joker looks younger than the rendition of Ben Affleck as an aged Batman ?despite the two supposedly being mortal enemies for years and years.?

Comic Book Movie?also claims the fan theory might be possible?based on how Bruce Wayne lamented in the Batman v Superman trailer:?20 years in Gotham, how many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?”

Robin Became The Joker In the DC Comics and in the Batman Animated Series

If you?re thinking that it?s crazy for the Joker to transform Robin into someone like him, Robin became insane and into Batman?s adversary in the DC comics and in the Batman Animated series, Cinemablend reported.

Dick Grayson aka Robin/Nightwing became the new Joker in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Comic Book Movie reported.

Former Robin Tim Drake became the successor of Joker by being brainwashed and manipulated in the DC Animated ?Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker?, Comic Book reported.

If you?re getting confused why there are a lot of Robins in the Batman Universe, it is because Robin isn?t a name but a title, Blastr reported.?This is the sequence of who helmed the role of the Boy Wonder: Dick Grayson> Jason> Tim Drake> Stephanie Brown (first female Robin)> and Damien Wayne.

If this fan theory is indeed proven true, then both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman seems to be both madly filled with surprises. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is rumored to include an epic fight with Doomsday while Suicide Squad is now rumored to have a Boy Wonder-turned Clown Prince.

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