The Joker In Suicide Squad Plays Bigger Role? Leto?s Character To Appear In Several DC Films?

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The Joker?s role in the DC Cinematic Universe is not something that we are expecting. We all know that Jared Leto?s Joker will have some sort of big role in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie that will be in theaters next year, but we are not entirely sure what kind of role it is. Some are having their own theories on how major the role the Joker will be having, and the newest theory is actually making sense.

According to ComicBook.com, they have a theory where the Joker could be having a Marvel?s Thanos-like major role where he could be entirely orchestrating the entire plot on the Suicide Squad without them knowing it. Some scenes from the trailer provided some clues on how big Joker?s role is, from the sports car chase scene with the Batman (played by Ben Affleck) to the end portion where Joker is torturing someone, it is unclear on who was being tortured, though some speculated that it might be Harley Quinn that was being tortured, where she could be ?converted? into the very Joker-obsessed maniac that we know.

ComicBook.com thinks that Batman might have captured the Joker and brought him under custody which as a result landed to Amanda Waller and she uses the Joker as a bait to keep Harley and the rest of Task Force X in control. Many also believed that Task Force X are pursuing the Joker, similar to the original storyline, but it was actually the Enchantress (played by Cara Delevingne) that they are hunting, though there are no additional information on why they are pursuing the Enchantress.

Another interesting theory that the Joker will be in multiple movies, showing some slight appearances as a cameo, similar that with the Dawn of Justice movie, and he might entirely get a bigger role in future Batman solo movies with a big plot surprise.

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