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Not many of you may know, that aside from gaming, I have a strong passion for drawing. I have been drawing pretty much since I knew what pencils and paper were. While I don’t draw as often as I used to, I still appreciate the talent of others. With the release of Marvel vs Capcom 2 finally hitting PSN this week I decided I wanted to do something special for gamers who also happen to be fellow art enthusiasts.

If you’ve been following any of the marketing for Marvel vs Capcom 2 over the past several weeks chances are you’ve come across one of the trailers created specifically for it’s digital download debut. What you might not be aware of is the role Joe Vriens played in the creation of those trailers. Recently I got a chance to do a small Q&A session with Joe. Hopefully you all will enjoy this as much as I did. So without further adeui lets get to it.

How did you get interested in drawing?

My brother and I have been drawing since before we could speak. The first things we used to draw were fish-because my dad would bring back these big fish he caught and they fascinated us! We used to draw fish on paper and pretend to go fishing with my dad in the living room-he would have his fishing gear out and everything…man …such a great memory…makes me miss him.

When did you first know being an artist was the career path you wanted?

There was never any other option in my mind!

What has been your involvement with the revival of Marvel vs Capcom 2?

I was responsible for all the marketing promotional artwork. I painted 12 versus characters (ironman vs megaman etc) and additional art that was used for the psuedo comic book pages. I also did 3 pinups that were broken up for additional promo stuff.

What has it been like working with Capcom?

Well I worked through Udon for MvC2. They deal with Capcom directly and relay the info to me. I met a couple artists, Ikeno and Shinkiro of Capcom though!

What has the feedback been like on the series of Mvc2 trailers?

I’m overwhelmed by the love shown for my artwork on this project! I am relieved as I know how diehard Capcom fans can be and I was taking a risk with a new painterly style I was unfamiliar with.

Are there any upcoming projects that you’re working on?

Always 🙂 and as always I cannot disclose as of yet. Although I am working on a new website which will include my gallery blog and store all in one spot to make things cleaner and simpler for everyone to find X)
I’ll announce that on my blog when the time comes at

Note: As a reminder the Marvel vs Capcom 2 Mixtape will be available next week for download via PSN.

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