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The International Dota 2 Championship Playoffs Phase 2 Underway: Day 1 Recap

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The International Dota 2 Championship playoff matches are well underway and today?s games have just concluded. It has been a long and tiring day for all the players and there?s three more days to go before we see who goes to the top 10. So far, a total of 36 matches have been played and more will come in the following days.

Many didn?t expect today?s results for sure. We see Cloud9 from North America top the group with a score of 4-1 while five teams are tied at 3-1 on second place. On the bottom part of the group, we see the more interesting results.

Perhaps the biggest surprise today…. we see last year?s champion, Team Alliance, unable to find their rhythm sitting at the 14th spot with a record of 1-4. Although it should be noted that most of their matches were considered ?coin flips? or pretty evenly skilled matches. All their matches today were against Asian/Chinese teams. They lost to last year?s 2nd runner-up Team Titan (formerly Team Orange) from Malaysia, Chinese powerhouse DK, Team Newbee, and TI2 champions Invictus Gaming. The only win they got was from Arrow Gaming who is the only remaining winless team.

Many expected Alliance to dominate the group like they did last year with a 14-0 record. But it looks like it?s going to be the other way around this year.


Meanwhile, teams DK and Empire are also struggling as they are currently on the 11th and 12th places respectively. Considering these teams? most recent performances, many fans expected the two teams to be at least on top 8 of the group. We can expect them to step up in the next three days.

Another big surprise is that we see all the North American teams doing well on the first day. We see Team Na`Vi.US, Team Liquid, and Team EG all get three wins each. Liquid and Na`Vi.US particularly played well, with both teams only losing to other North American squads. A lot of people, including the analysts have not predicted these teams to do so well. But, of course, it?s too early to tell as it?s just the first day of the group stage.

It?s not all over for everyone though. We should keep in mind that this is only the first day of group play. A lot more matches will be played and we may still see a lot of teams go up and down the ranks. Even the teams sitting at the bottom 6 can still end up in the top 2 spots of the group. Anything can still happen at this point.

It is also worthy to note that this year, no team will remain ?flawless? on the groupstage as every team has at least received one loss. This only proves that the competition this year is a lot tougher and more unpredictable.

The format Valve used this year is a lot different than in the previous Internationals. The setup gives more emphasis to the groupstage matches as teams with a better ranking will be placed higher on the main event.

The top two teams on the group will directly advance to the main event, while the bottom 6 will be eliminated immediately. The teams ranking from 3rd to 10th places will have to play in a single-elimination format with the top 6 teams coming out on top will proceed to the main event.

For the complete information of today?s results, you can always visit their official website. We will also be updating you constantly about the tournament updates.

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