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The International Dota 2 Championship Playoffs Phase 3: Liquid Gets Eliminated

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After a grueling group stage, The International Dota 2 tournament has now entered its next playoff phase. Yesterday, we saw Alliance get eliminated after their poor performance. Today, we see 4 of the 10 remaining teams grab the 3rd slot in the winner?s bracket on the main event on July 18.

The first match was between team LGD from China and wildcard winners Team Liquid from the U.S. Both these teams have had a good run so far in the tournament but unfortunately one of them gets eliminated in the best of 3 match. This match is very crucial for both teams as there is a big leap of prize money between the losing and winning teams. Winning the match guarantees $509k and will proceed to the main event while the losing team gets eliminated and only receives $48k.

Throughout the games, Liquid seemed out of sync as LGD just ran them over. Everything was organized and well-planned by LGD as they won 2 consecutive games in a quick and easy fashion, not giving a chance for their opponent to recover. After having a good start in the group stage, team Liquid won?t be too happy with their performance as they only take home $48k.

The second match between LGD and Cloud9 proved to be the most interesting matchup for the day. The series went?back and forth as both teams grabbed a single game each before Cloud9 taking the win on the decider game. Although LGD lost, they will still proceed to the main event and will still have a chance to prove themselves once more if they are worthy of the $4.9 million first prize.


Cloud9 and DK is the last matchup of the day where the winner will directly proceed to the winner?s bracket of the main event. Unfortunately, the series was the same story as the first match of the day as DK destroyed Cloud9 in just 2 games. The second game even lasted for only 11 minutes before Cloud9 called ?GG?.

After today?s matches, DK will now join teams EG and Vici Gaming in the winner?s bracket while LGD and Cloud9 falls to the lower bracket.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the playoffs’ 3rd phase as we see teams such as Na`Vi, Newbee, Titan, and IG. The same format will be followed.

Stay tuned for more Dota 2 action and updates! For tomorrow?s matches, you can visit the Official TI4 website.

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