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The International Dota 2 Championship Playoffs Phase 2 Underway: Day 2 Recap

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Yesterday, we saw the start of the Playoffs Phase 2 of The International 4 Dota 2 tournament. There were quite a few surprises yesterday including last year?s champs, Alliance, falling to the bottom six?of the group.

As today?s games end, let?s see what surprises are in store for us as things are slowly taking shape.

Yesterday, we saw team Cloud9 from North America lead the group with a 4-1 score. It?s a different story this day as they drop down to 6th place losing three of their four matches today and end up with a 5-4 score. They are now sitting on a not-so-comfortable 6th spot where they are tied with Titan and Liquid.

Meanwhile, the top spot of the group now belongs to team Vici Gaming who won all of their matches today. Many have been skeptical about the team coming into TI4 considering their rocky performance as of late. It is still hard to predict if they will remain at the top spot as they still have a lot of tough matches ahead like DK and EG.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly for some, we see Chinese Team DK bounce back from yesterday?s poor performance, winning all four of their matches today. Sitting previously at the bottom six, they are now all of a sudden at the second spot of the group along with teams EG and IG.


Alliance from Sweden did not perform too badly today either as they managed a 3-1 record today beating the likes of Empire and Mousesports. Bad news is that they are still in danger of not making it to the magical top 10 as they are tied at 10th place with Fnatic and Na`Vi.US.

Russian powerhouse Empire, however, won?t be too happy with their results as they only won half of their games. Hopefully, they will do well tomorrow and build their momentum after winning their final game today against a heavily-favored Invictus Gaming line-up.

The two biggest disappointments of today are probably teams Fnatic and Na`Vi.US as they both fell to the 10th place after having a decent start yesterday.

Team Arrow, although sitting at the bottom of the group with a 2-8 standing, showed quite a performance in their last two games on the back of ddz?s Invoker. This may have come a bit too late for the Malaysian squad despite their valiant efforts.

Looking at the standings, nothing is 100 percent sure as of the moment. We may still see the 7-1 Vici Gaming drop to the bottom six if they lose all their games. There?s even a very small possibility that Arrow may still qualify if they win all their remaining games. Again, anything can still happen within the next two days of the playoffs phase two.

We have seen a lot of great games today and surely a lot more will come the following days. Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates or visit The International?s official website.

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