The Incredibles 2 Release Date And Plot: New Movie To Start 15 Years After The Last Scene

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The Walt Disney Company has announced a host of new release dates, including four new Marvel movies and a number of animated and live-action films. Among those announcements comes one that fans have been waiting years for: The Incredibles 2 will be released on June 21, 2019.

According to Super Hero Hype, the sequel will debut fifteen years after the original film with writer/director Brad Bird set to return to the helm.

?I had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to put in ?The Incredibles,? Bird told us earlier this year, ?but they just didn?t fit. Certain ideas fit, but other things make you go, ?This is great, but I?d have to give up two other things that matter more to me to get this other thing in.? So there were a pile of ideas left over from ?The Incredibles,? but it?s not a big thing. There were little scenes and things that I was interested in. I wanted to come up with sort of an over-arching idea that connected to the first film that went somewhere different. That?s the one that took a little more time.?

Incredibles co-writer/director Brad Bird is currently working on the script for the sequel, but has yet to reveal any specific plot details for the project ? beyond saying it will be a proper continuation of the first Incredibles movie?s narrative (rather than a reaction to changes in the superhero genre over the past decade). However, most of the main characters from the series? first chapter ? including Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone ? are expected to feature as part of the story for the sequel. So far so good, in other words, reports Screen Rant.

Fans around the world are upset about the same too. Here are some of the Tweets:

According to Inquisitr, Chances are that Pixar will at least start developing additional projects that have not been confirmed yet, which means that there is still a possibility The Incredibles 2 might be postponed yet again.

Even though the extended delay of The Incredibles 2 might seem sad now, longtime Pixar fans know that everything will likely work out for the best.

For over 20 years, Disney and Pixar have used cutting-edge technology and emotionally stirring story lines to pull the heartstrings of millions of people of all ages. The odds of that reputation being tarnished by The Incredibles 2 are slim to none.

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